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Originally Posted by Digital.James View Post
I think just like any brand, the entry level Alpinestars stuff offers very limited protection. Their technical level gear is very good stuff, and I've wrecked on the track in an Astars suit with no issues. But you pay nearly the same price as Dainese for the higher end Astars gear
Originally Posted by fitchesbass View Post
Speed is the factor... not RPMs. skin on road = not good even at 60 mph and 2000 RPMs.

No one ever INTENDS to have an accident. You dress with gear for planning if/when it happens.

I'm still "building" my gear stock pile

I do not track any bikes... I do spirited riding / touring (mountains, day rides, etc) and I also commute to work on the bike. Depending on your riding type... it will certainly change what you want to pick.

I currently have textile pants that are waterproof and have vents that unzip. I ordered them to be an overpant (one size bigger)... and the slip on and off over jeans and are comfortable in just boxers as well. They also have a thermal liner that zips in/out for when it gets colder. Then I have a mesh type jacket for super hot temperatures and a leather jacket for all other times. I prefer riding in the leather jacket as the armor and overall fit is much more conformed to me. Textiles tend to hold their shape from my experience so far... leathers seem to break in over time which can make the fitment better overtime. Certainly the case with gloves... leather gloves break in over time whereas textiles pretty much hold their shape. The benefit of all textile when your touring is that you can get suits with multiple liners for cold and rain or they have waterproof-ness built in. Which is helpful when you're out on the road and on the go.

I also have a $40 two-piece rain suit that packs neatly enough that I can almost always carry it on longer trips without it taking too much storage space.
Would a 2 piece Dainese suit be of better quality than the Alpinestars kit I listed above? Something like the Avro?

Bearing in mind I won't be doing track riding frequently. I'll be commuting and spirited weekend riding mostly.

As I enter the world of biking, I'm beginning to realise there's a lot more to it than just learning to ride!