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Ok, I finished that job but it turned out to be a lot more problematic than this DIY indicated, because of unexpected problems.

The 8mm box wrench works fine for the bolts, if they are torqued to spec and not jammed. One of mine was jammed, and the little wiggle present with the 8mm on the E10 bolt resulted in stripping the bolt head quite badly. I had to go buy a E10 bit, and remove the intake manifold to get enough clearance to use it. If the DIY had worked, I would have completed the job in 10 minutes tops. With intake removal (actually you just have to unbolt it enough to move it around without removing it completely, otherwise you have to remove the injection rail as well, I had stripped enough of that car already) and the extra time spent shopping it took several hours...

If you decide not to flush the coolant, expect to loose around 1.5/2 qt of coolant. It made a mess everywhere and I am glad I covered the alternator with plastic bags. Just flush the coolant.