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Played with my car today. Took some pics. Nothing too crazy just felt like my car wanted to be played with. Lol.

I refinished all of my wheels and got that nice shine back they had the first time I finished them.

I must have hit like a Pterodactyl or something on my grill because it ripped a hole right in the plasti dip on my front lower grills and left a juicy red mess behind.* So I popped out my lower grills and re plasti-dipped them.

I was also getting sick of the silver trim piece that runs from fog light to fog light. It was the only remaining bit of silver left on the exterior. Silver, black, and copper no matchy.

So I figured I would try something a little different. I really like that piece of trim and it would be ashamed to just black it out and make it vanish. So first I plasti dipped the pieces, then shot them with some copper. That way if and when I get sick of it I can go right back to the silver.

Also coppered the silver screws for front plate for shits and giggles.

License plate frame up front was rock chipped to hell. Plasti dip it.

I kind of love plasti dip. It is an awesome in a can.

The side marker blinkers were an incredibly distracting eye sore. Didn't really want to tint them of buy new ones so I figure I'd just try blacking them out. No more cloudy looking plastic blinkers. And you can still see the light through the paint. I might get smoked ones or something at some point but this works for the time being.

Because booty.

And a couple pics from the drive in last Thursday.

Sunday's are awesome.