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Can't comment on whether the price is right but can comment on the model as owner of a 2007 325i Coupe, a very early 3.0L (N53 engine and efficient dynamics) manual example. Have owned for 4 years now, so that says something - it's a lovely drive. The detuned 218bhp version of the N53 feels quite docile, but actually it's pretty quick if you rev it hard through the gears. There are two weak points to consider. One is the piezo injectors, high pressure fuel pump and coils are notoriously prone to failure - you will find loads of threads about this in the forum. Many cars have had replacements under recalls/warranty/goodwill. Best to get a comprehensive extended BMW warranty for about 300 or so per year. The second problem area is the ride on run-flats, especially if you keep those silly 19" wheels. Mine is on 18" (still a bit silly!) rims and changing to non-run-flat Michelin PS2s was a big improvement. The latest PS3s feel even better. Otherwise, the car has been a delight to drive and own. BMW servicing intervals are calculated by the car, so it works out pretty economical to run. It is also very economical on fuel.