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Originally Posted by woodyuk View Post
Hi carl as I've had experience in both I thought I'd give you why I thought, the m3 feels alot more solid and planted than the 335 and would leave it for dead as soon as you came across a corner, But unless you really do have some driving talent and are going to drive it to its absolute limits I think the 335D is going to be an easy car to drive fast, hence the reason you left them for dead When you owned your D
Alright Bud!!

I think your are very right mate! Both great cars deffo!!

Was funny how we blew them into the weeds. Some M3 owners were reluctant to run with me at the pod, do you remember LOL.
Hence why I expected to put in a slow time in the ///M when we went last month.

Originally Posted by Mustard3 View Post
And the other way around!


Gonna start an 335d/E46 M3 owners club LOL. Do monthly packs with info @ pics as meet details Haha
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