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Originally Posted by pkim1079 View Post
that's what i was gonna say...just launch it hold on to the steering wheels and keep the foot to the floor..thats what most ppl complain about - its the playstation 11 sec e85 evo looks like its a damn prius compared to this thing. LOL
some versions you can leave it in auto but i can not. !-2 gear shift are tough to get right bc they come up so quick but other then that its just pulling the paddle and holding it straight

On the street the car is a handful bc it spins like crazy

Originally Posted by wisesoul View Post
What motor is in your car? AMS Alpha 12?
No.. Motor is a Iveytune 3.8 with cams. Stock heads

Originally Posted by StephansonTieu View Post
how much did you spend total so far? if you don't mind me asking.
total build cost me enought to buy another used GTR lol. Not cheap and i dont even have a fully built trans....would be another 20k right there alone