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Originally Posted by Dmacc View Post
thanks! as for the rig, I'm sorry to say I was only using a Glidecam 1000 HD and standing out of the sunroof of a mercedes going 60 at times. The steadicam footage was then smoothed out even more in post.
Glidecam 1000 is still a really nice tool if you can operate it correctly, and it's clear that you can. I'm always a bit skeptical of post-stabilization, because it sometimes does some warping when doing a radial move or arc around the subject. However, even with those challenges, post-stabilization is a lifesaver, I've used it with some degree of success on a couple of budget aerial shoots in a heli.

If you can get your hands on one, you can rig a SteadiCam sled and arm with a vehicle mount, typically larger SUV or truck. SteadiCam with the full vest and iso arm is a lot of fun, and works wonders for any production with the right operator. Again, sweet vid!