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Cool Custom E30 M3 Touring with E36 M3 Engine

Custom E30 M3 Touring with E36 M3 Engine
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This is likely the very first E30 M3 Touring that you've ever seen, and for good reason - BMW never made such a model. But where BMW stops, the BMW enthusiast (or shop) sometimes picks up.

This custom built E30 M3 touring started its life as a E30 318i touring. The builder, a New Jersey custom fabrication shop, used a totaled E30 M3 coupe as the donor for many body parts, while a E36 M3 provided the heart for the custom M3 touring - BMW's 282HP S50B30 3.0L engine with 80k miles on the clock.

It also features shaved hood, shaved front bumper (EvoIII style), carbon fiber front brake ducts, carbon fiber front splitter, Evo II front lip, Evo II hood gasket seals, Euro grills, original Euro e30 MHW tail lights and tons more. The interior features a fully custom e30 M3 sports interior in Audi Cork color with blue stitching.

The wheels are BBS Style 5 wheels, 17x8 powder-coated in black with new bolts, wrapped in 205/40/17 front and 215/40/17 rear tires and suspension is Megan racing 34 click adjustable coilovers.

It's currently on Ebay where its highest bid currently is $45,000. Check out the entire build and car journal below.

Via Ebay: E30 Tourings are pretty rare in the USA but E30 M3 Tourings are unicorns because BMW never built them. We decided to fill that void in late 80's BMW history and build one with the help of modern technology.

what we started with was a nice, rare E30 Touring in silver, that was in need of some cosmetic restoration.

at that time the idea of building one of a kind M3 Touring was born and we started to gather all the parts necessary for this conversion. To reproduce the lines of the legendary E30 M3 we bought used race car that had unlucky track excursion and was written off. This race car was cut with plazma cutter and we were able to give some of the parts second lease on life. Many other parts were bought brand new from the dealer, many parts were ordered from Europe and some of the parts were made by our shop.

e30 M3 race car that sacrificed it's parts for the e30 M3 Touring build

we brought the original Touring into the shop and started doing work on it

started the work on the front bumper, filling inn the blinker lights, making it look like the EVO III bumper, adding EVO II lip along with some other custom touches

shaving the hood, eliminating the windshield washer nozzles

custom Porsche Rennline front tow hook

trying on the front bumper

The work on rear quarter panels has begun. This was the most difficult part of the project along with the rear doors but now, looking back, it was well worth the effort, man hours, sweat and hard labor!

We decided to retain the rear door handle for original looks but had to relocate it higher into the door to keep up with the original body lines



Euro S50B30 (Euro E36 M3) engine with about 80k miles, all new gaskets, water pump, seals, hoses etc at the time of swap. Super Clean Swap - all wires are tuck + engine bay shave - the Best, cleanest swap you will ever see in an E30! Brand New Radiator, Custom cold Air intake, 5 Speed transmission with New Clutch, 3:46 LSD, Vented Z-Roadster rear cover, Custom Headers and Exhaust. New M3 Harness covers. All New power steering and reservoir Engine runs super smooth and pulls like a freight train! Synthetic oil always used ! Engine Needs Nothing ! There is no AC in this car. Heat is disconnected as I never drive it in the winter.


All Metal OEM BMW M3 parts, custom work + custom paint, only the best materials are used, quality primer, paint and clear! This car is stunning in person! There is pretty much nothing original left on this car except the side glass, everything else was modified, updated and replaced!
New windshield, Shaved hood, shaved front bumper (EvoIII style), Rare carbon fiber front brake ducts, carbon fiber front splitter, Evo II front lip, Evo II hood gasket seals, Euro grills, Euro Smoked smileys with HID slim Xenon 6k, Auto art smoked turn signals, Carbon fiber rep AC Schnitzer side mirrors, AC Schnitzer pedals, AC Schnitzer side stripe decals, AC Schnitzer RARE steering wheel + hub! All new door seals, hood seals, bumper seals, sunroof seals (all OEM from BMW) at the time of repaint! Custom Porsche Rennline front tow hook, very RARE original Euro e30 MHW tail lights! Euro rear license plate holder. Euro front headlight wipers (for looks) and many many other upgrades!

INTERIOR: Fully custom e30 M3 sports interior in Audi Cork color with blue stitching! New Shift and Emergency brake boots, E34 leather hand brake, BMW ZHP weighted shift knob, New M3 Mats, custom instrument gauges: red needles, titanium rings, Euro e30 clock, custom cup holder with 2 outlets for 12v supply. Headliner was dyed black (has few pushpins to hold it tight). Over $2500 was spent on Music and Entertainment system + alarm: Nakamichi CD 400 head Unit, Kicker box, JL Audio and Alpine speakers, Alpine pdx SUB, custom wiring, remote control alarm system with DIGITAL remote display, etc...Everything is brand new and looks amazing!


Everything is NEW ! Front control arms with M3 bushings, front links, rear control arm bushing, new Megan racing 34 click adjustable coilovers with adjustable CAMBER PLATES, Euro 320 brake booster, stainless steel brake lines, Mazda RX7 front calipers, VW corrado rotors, BBS Style 5 wheels, 17x8 powder-coated in black with new bolts, new 205/40/17 front and 215/40/17 rear tires, new alignment! Matching style 5 rims with brand new tire as spare !Car feels very well planted on the road. The adjustability of the suspension can make this car from race machine to city cruiser in just a few clicks, while you will also have the ability to raise or lower the car according to your liking! The brakes are awesome, the car stops on the dime! There are no noises, no issues. Everything works as it should! Car drives, stops and feels amazing!

Let the pics speak as I'm probably forgetting a lot of stuff but I do have receipts for all the mods as well as receipts from previous owners!

I can pretty much guarantee you some kind of trophy at any kind of BMW show that you will attend ! I'm also 99.9999 % sure that you will never see another E30 M3 touring with the euro swap on the road!