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Originally Posted by bkr335 View Post
Awesome pics!

So you guys don't ride with instructors at the PCA events?
Beginner groups do ride with instructors, other groups are optional.

My experience: my instructor made me drive unbelievable slow in my already slow car, in D, with traction control on... + he kept telling me when to brake and release, which lines to take, and when to turn... It was not very fun to say the least, you need some room for error/learning. However, I did learn a few things. As Charles already mentioned driving solo is a very important part of the learning process since no one is there to hold your hand.

Originally Posted by Splinterz88 View Post
Here's a video of the 4th Session in the Green Group. The view is from the 1M. I think only 3 or 4 of us were out there as it started raining.
I tried getting out after the last session, but my numbers were already off. There was only 1 car on the track.

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