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Originally Posted by 335alive View Post
i am running a JB3 2.0 in my car, plus intakes...
Did you ever scan the car and see what codes were thrown? I know people say unplugging the actuator is "not supposed" to throw a light, but will cause a hidden code (hidden code is true b/c the tech was able to see it whereas I couldn't). I experienced code issues when trying both the golf tee mod and unplugging the actuator. I eventually plugged it back up but then removed my muffler (so, the sensor is plugged in but there are no flaps to control since there's no muffler). I still got the same codes. I, too, was running a JB3 2.0 chip and this past weekend pulled it out for an upgrade. After several spirited runs just to see the difference w/o the tune (have never driven the car w/o it), so far (2.5 days/50+mi later) the only code I have is the cat (expected that one). However, I'm not entirely sure if unplugging the actuator would cause a limp mode (I'm assuming you were referring to the 1/2 engine light). Where there any other signs (misfire, shudders, etc) when you went into limp mode? Also, you don't need to wait 5mins here and there when getting this light. Just turn the car off (even at a stop light) and turn it back on - the 1/2 engine light will go away but a code may still be present.

Saying all of this, it may be an issue w/the JB3 2.0 firmware being outdated and either due for an update (if there is one) or time to upgrade to JB4. I'm not exactly sure if unplugging the actuator was the actual culprit or if it was the outdated tune that was causing the codes. If these codes don't come back by the time my JB4 arrives, I'll have to say it was the outdated tune that caused the codes - in my case. I'll be scanning the car once in a while until the tune comes back to see if anything changes, and if so, will post.