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How to: QUADS for the n52. Pics.

Many people have asked me about my quad setup and how i did it so i figured id write a little something up.

First let me say this was all the work of John@CVT Muffler in Houston, Tx. He's the artist behind this one.

On our n52 cars, there is a metal box on the right side behind the bumper that is in the way of being able to run a pipe comfortably or without a 90 degree bend. What needs to be done is the following.

#1) Build a Bracket (basically a metal plate) and weld it onto the metal box
#2) Measure out the tips (for how much they stick out and stagger) and cut them accordingly so that they have a straight back end. Weld them to the bracket.
#3) Cut the tips off your other muffler is necessary and have new piping/tips welded onto the muffler on the other side to match the right side.
#4) You will likely want to spraypaint the bracket black so that it almost dissapears to the naked eye from more than a foot away.

Here are some pics. Feel free to ask any questions you may have.

I paid $100 for labor and they are Dimisa 3.5'' Black Powdercoated Tips.
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