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My Dynavin D90 unit failed on me this week. I had business travel and left my car (which is usually parked in my garage at home) in my company's parking lot. The unit worked fine when I left. When I came home, after 4 days, the unit no longer functioned.

The unit powers on, and the backlight behind the screens comes on but I don't get any sound, nor any actual picture. If I spin the volume knob the volume overlay shows just fine.

I noticed on warm days when my car was parked with the windows up that even though the dynavin itself hadn't been running/powered but for a few seconds that the exhaust fan would be on and loud. After driving for a few minutes and after the ambient temperature in the car cabin cooled from running the AC the fan would volume would reduce or go off.

I'm assuming that the since I didn't drive for 4 days that the unit overheated due to the ambient temperature in a locked car parked outside. There's no other reasonable solution. My car doesn't show any signs of being struck by lighting. :-/

I consider this to be a design failure from Dynavin, the design should be able to tolerate the ambient temperature of a car in the summer. Period. I could understand it if it was hot and the radio had been playing for long periods of time and needed to power off due to overheating but "overheating" when it's already powered off is a bit ridiculous.

For the record I'm a degreed Electrical Engineer currently working as a Sr. Electrical Engineer. I don't do car radio design but it's obvious to me that it's just poor design. I hope they corrected this the D95 and/or the D99

I'm posting this as a warning. If on warm days you hear your fan after getting into the car and turning it on, do NOT park your car out in the sun for a long period of time.

I'm moving on to a double din unit from a more reliable manufacturer that also won't suffer from the poor software. I think Dynavin nailed the OEM look but pretty much failed everywhere else.