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Originally Posted by jeffb335 View Post

I havent seen any failures that I could attribute to temperature of any kind, internal or external, on a personal note, it gets into the "one teens" here in Fresno which means the inside of my car is REAL HOT and Ive had no heat failures in my cars in the 3 summers I have had dynavins.

I would guess its just coincidence. Based on your description of the issue it actually sounds more like the ribbon cable that connects the screen to the main unit might be which case it was loose before you parked but being heat cycled in the parking lot might have just been enough..... Since you have a good electrical background and you are out of warranty anyway, I would suggest you check all the ribbon connections, you might just solve your problem.

Also what happens when you press the Nav button, since it is a split system it not likely that BOTH sides failed.
Thanks Jeff, I did pull the unit apart and the ribbons looked fine. I didn't full disconnect them though and try to reseat them. Both the Nav and Radio side don't function. When I press the NAV side the screen goes grey. On the radio side I get horizontal lines.

Reasons I don't think it's a ribbon connection to the LCD:

1) There's no audio, bluetooth connects and when I hit "play" my iPhone starts playing music. No audio output
2) When I turn the volume up or down, the volume indicator displays perfectly fine.

I might be coincidence and as you mentioned in a PM the newer units don't even have a fan. I just noticed that when I get into my car the fan is on if it's hot outside and then goes away, so obviously in the D90 E9x design heat dissipation was an issue, perhaps they've rectified it, but nevertheless I was still stuck with it. I've contacted CarAudioCraze as well as Dynavin directly to inquire about service. Even though I'm moving to a different unit If it doesn't cost too much I'd still like to get this fixed and possibly sell it.

SPMD11, I saw your post. I don't want to drop the cash on a navigation unit considering the radio investment that I put into the Dynavin already. I just pulled the trigger on the Pioneer AVHP4400BH. It does everything I want and it has iPod/iPhone map mode which works with MotionGPS on the iPhone. I actually like this because I like entering addresses and such on my phone moreso than on devices like in dash car units because it's simply quicker. The pioneer in this sense simply becomes an external monitor to my iPhone displaying the maps and information.

I was also interested in the AVHP8400BH becauses of the LED backlight display.

Did you get a reverse camera? If so what did you get and do you like it? Does it hold up in rain?