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Originally Posted by q_jonblaze View Post
errrmmm...i dont see the problem here?

1.OP has wheels for sale
2.1st person in with legitimate claim buys said wheels
3.buyer decides he wants to sell em....

this is just the way life you know what predicament might have befallen the buyer for him to sell?

better yet, he owns them now and so can do whatever he likes with them (including reselling them).

if the OP could or wanted to sell in on any site for more money, they could have. he picked a price and stuck to it. and got his money. case closed.

the OP is no longer the owner and even though it may not be very nice that the buyer would offer it to another forum member with a markup, its on EBAY...

let it be, simple as...
I disagree: nicking them from under the nose of a fellow forum member who has a genuine interest in them, only to immediately try to resell them for a quick profit is very bad form and not in the spirit of an enthusiasts community like E90Post.