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Originally Posted by xbook View Post
In the MAL HAM incident, I think both were to blame, and HAM should have had a penalty had he been able to continue. He gave ZERO room to MAL in the first par tof the turn, and pushed him off of the track. As MAL tried to rejoin HAM gave zero room again, and pinched the apex of the turn, this forced MAL's car into the read of HAM's car. The result being HAM being pushed into the wall and being unable to go on.

this was NOT the smart racer move, and will cost him big as the championship goes on. The smarter move would have been to give way a bit and still bring home some points.
If MAL had stayed on the runoff then maybe HAM would have gotten a penalty, but fact he basically drove into hamilton, it doesn't matter that hamilton forced him off track, he did NOT have to rejoin in that manner. I don't even see how he managed to do that, seems like he would have had to TRY to hit him it was so avoidable.