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Originally Posted by Jhayd11 View Post
I have a 335D with iDrive. I just bought it. switched from an 07 328i.

Went for the usb plus in the arm rest and it wasn't there. Found one in the glove box, but no cable. I would like to have my iphone play music with the iDrive as well as receive calls.

I have been reading a lot of forums but none with iDrive and without armrest usb.

Does anyone know of a forum I can check out to catch up on this issue?

Here is what i have gathered so far.

usb in glove box may only work with thumb drives for storing music.
BMW will not retrofit a USB port into the armrest
iphone 4s will not bluetooth play music
There is no way what so ever to have BMW Apps if you don't have it already

I would really like to use the iDrive to control my music that is on my phone, preferably without having to reach between my passengers legs. Ig this usb port acts just like the one that should be in the armrest, can I just run a USB extender to the arm rest and then use a BMW ipod cable to sync the phone?

I am also considering using the dension mod... does that work with the iDrive and the audio buttons?

Thanks for all the help, and sorry if I missed a forum I should have read.
Yes, you missed quite a lot of post addressing already your issue:

- the glovebox USB is only to up/download music into the iDrive HDD. It cannot play music from any device.
- the armrest USB (the USB that plays music) can be retrofitted by forum vendors
- Bluetooth Audio can be retrofitted by forum vendors

Contact forum vendor BimmerTech for details about a Combox retrofit: