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Originally Posted by umermariner View Post
I have a 2006 E60, and I think the firmware was never updated (I just bought it).
I will really appreciate if you can answer the following questions. I am getting into coding, and will do it off course once I get comfortable... just want to prepare myself

1. What would be the benefit of firmware updates? Can I get the latest features?... like BMW apps etc?
No. About the only thing you'll gain on the CCC is some new color scheme for the iDrive screens and you'll lose your voice control (the newer firmware requires you have the FSC code for your VIN to activate voice control). If your current system won't play CDs burned with MP3s, then you have about the only legitimate reason I can think of to upgrade. I'm not sure on the E60, but E90s made before around October 2005 had the MP3 feature disabled because of a hardware problem. Later firmware (V32 I think) was able to work around this hardware bug.

Originally Posted by umermariner View Post
2. When you say continuous supply required for 16 hours, I guess having the car start wont work (bcz its software is being updated), however; what about continuous jump from another car? Or I have heavy duty Duracell Jumper/ charger, what if I connect it with the car, and keep it connected to electricity? Risky??

Thanks again
That would be pretty dangerous as you'd have to leave the other car running the whole time to supply the proper voltage (13.8 V or more--an idle battery only give about 12.2 max). You really need a professional grade power supply, not a charger, capable of 13.8 V continuous at 20 amps with the ability to handle spikes of up to 40 amps.