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I can also attest to it working. I had the same issue with Sender Unknown but my iOS 6 Beta 2 caused enough problems where I went back to iOS 5 before seeing if it fixed the issue (I might try it again fresh though, no restore).

Since information is about sharing, I'll share this: normally you have to be a registered Apple Developer and register your UDID (Unique Device ID, unique to your iPhone) with Apple to run a beta. However, there are organizations that will register your UDID under their developer account, and you can freely download and install the beta if you'd like (heeding the warning that it is BETA software with no guarantee of it working, and it could even brick your device. But that's rare. Make frequent iTunes backups before and after the upgrade).

Here's one such website that will get you running on iOS 6 Beta 2 today:

Just click on "Register your UDID" and pay the $7 or $8 depending on whether you want it instantly registered.