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Originally Posted by DavS1
My bet's are (if you are feeling a lack in power) that it's definately heat related...1degree celcius is equel to 1bhp!

BMW probably spent a few thousand designing that airbox so it worked, it would have had a cold air feed as standard, I doubt there will be any way it can be improved upon UNLESS it was designed to restrict power, so that it didn't make as much as the model above perhaps? but I doubt it if im honest.
easiest way to test is refit standard box and see what you think!
Is that bit about 1bhp & 1 degree a joke? I read somewhere that diesels and turbos didn't suffer as much in terms of the temperature of the air given the turbo set up and the temp they already run at? I appreciate with a traditional naturally aspirated set up the cooler the temps the more the power.

Now, a couple of people are mentioning the remap and differing air amounts.

Surely, the air flow meter would adjust fuel/ air ratio making this irrelevant.

The remap was a 'evolve' @ Luton one, which is not custom, just a generic upload, so pretty sure filters would be irrelevant. Might mail Imran and ask ?

May refit air box to compare and also build heat shield as well. Presumably shielding the engine side would suffice ?