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OK, so this issue has been really bugging me...can't get it out of my head. If the CDV-delete is beneficial, I really wanna do it. But I'm finding clues that it is redundant for my E91 328i xDrive.

So I did more searching by p/n 21522283914, the restrictor-less CDV (aka Lock Valve) for the M3, 6-series, and...supposedly...the E91 328i xDrive??

BMW of South Atlanta:
...also says it's used in the E91 328i xDrive!!!

ECS Tuning:
...also says it's used in the E91 328i xDrive!!!

Latvian version of RealOEM:
...says that it's used in the E91 325i and 328i xDrive, and also the E90 325i xDrive!!!!!!

This can't be a data-entry mistake, right? It appears to me that if you have a 325i xDrive Sedan, 325i xDrive Wagon or 328i xDrive Wagon, your CDV is the same as the M3 CDV which doesn't do anything!

What might be the rationale behind that? This is my theory: if you have either of these two combinations:
- the lowest output engine + xDrive
- the medium output engine + xDrive + wagon
...then BMW believes that the drivetrain configuration is beefy enough to tolerate sudden onset of engine torque WITHOUT the CDV? Or that performance would be far too muted WITH the CDV?

What do you think...guys? Am I crazy? Opinions please...

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