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Originally Posted by edirtaynine View Post
cf windshield.

jk. quality from those pics do look pretty good though
You might be on to something, lol!

If the quality wasn't good, I wouldn't be pursuing this. I'm personally sick of either having to choose between, for example, $800+ for a simple quality diffuser, or $300 for an eBay diffuser that will in all likelihood have a bad weave or poor fitment.

I know it's China parts, but this is a good quality production site. There are dozens out there that are just scam factories for every quality place, and we were actually kind of lucky that we found this site at all. Like I said, I know I can bring quality with decent prices, but in order for all this to work, there has to be a market. Which is why I'm asking everyone what they want

But thank you to everyone for the suggestions and the input. Even just simply letting me know if the quality of the CF is acceptable is a good input. Keep it coming

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