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I had the radio in my possession for over a year prior to installing it so I can't say for sure if I did or did not have a current service contract on it, but on Monday I no longer had service. Maybe the box was on for a while once I hooked it up pending activation, IDK. I called Sirius and got it activated Monday prior to my maintenance service today and it works fine, no additional coding needed. So it seems that maybe a Sat prepped car needs no coding? I know for a fact that mine did not have a Sat radio in it before I put this one in so for you guys on the fence about it, try it and see if it works.

One thing to note on the install. BE CAREFUL on moving the optic cables. The installation instructions are very good, but the MOST blocks are installed upside down in the car. IE, I had to rotate the MOST blocks up in order for the cable slots to read "1 2 3 4 5" in the correct order as shown in the guide. As installed in the car, moving the cables as you are looking at them will be inverted and therefore wrong. I removed the whole black plastic mount that routes the optic cables for easier movement, labeled each cable removed and took pics with my phone just in case. All in all, about an hour taking my time.

Good luck!