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Originally Posted by e90pilot View Post
So is the E46 M3 rice? There is absolutely no need for a quad setup on that car. There is no need for a dual setup on a 335. There is no need for a quad setup on the e92 M3 or any M5 for that matter. BMW went out of thier way to make them have quad exhausts at the expense of weight and performance. And like I said above Dinan puts fake tips on thier exhausts because they don't want to loose the look.
Well, it isn't a question of "need" - you're absolutely right that the 335 doesn't need it - somehow the 135 and the older 535 survive just fine. But the issue isn't so much "need" as it is "want". Quad exhausts are aspirational because we think it makes the car look stupidly powerful. So the M3 has it despite having little need for it. So we go out and 3M-tape a pair of pipes onto a N52 to match that?...

Not sure if you've seen middle Eastern cars where people will simultaneously put Mercedes AND BMW logos on, say, a Lada reminds me of this. (or the famous BMW Audi R8 lol). My opinion is the OP's car is a good looking car that just had a huge hand-written Rolex sign taped onto it.