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Thanks for the feedback guys! Drove a little more yesterday and the positives continue to amass - both in terms of control and damping. Happy!

Originally Posted by klov335 View Post
I have the same setup and really hate the rake look im going to switch to kw1 once my shocks and springs wears out... Kinda regret getting it because kw1 are just couple hundred bux more..
Not sure how this dreaded "rake" is being measured, but if you count on the visuals (wheel gap differential between front and rear), looks can be deceiving. On a flat surface, I measured the ground clearance right behind the front wheel and right in front of the rear wheel and I got 6" - so no rake, either way. Am I doing something wrong? I know that was not incredibly scientific....

But then again, my springs are still settling. I will wait and see.

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