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Originally Posted by GRLPWR View Post
Saying all of this, it may be an issue w/the JB3 2.0 firmware being outdated and either due for an update (if there is one) or time to upgrade to JB4. I'm not exactly sure if unplugging the actuator was the actual culprit or if it was the outdated tune that was causing the codes. If these codes don't come back by the time my JB4 arrives, I'll have to say it was the outdated tune that caused the codes - in my case. I'll be scanning the car once in a while until the tune comes back to see if anything changes, and if so, will post.
Update: Day 4 w/o tune.....still only codes are cat-related. I'm really beginning to think the outdated tune was throwing the lean codes I initially thought were coming from unplugging the actuator. Coincidence or not, just my experience.

Update to my update (7/2) - installed JB4 Saturday, set map, did a few spirited runs to create a data log, sent it off to Terry and he came back w/a thumbs-up. This morning, my SES light was off which indicated the DPfix is back to work. And to date, since removing the JB3 2.0 chip 1 week ago, none of the reoccurring codes that I initially attributed to unplugging the actuator have returned. So, my conclusion is that I was in dire need of an upgrade and unplugging the actuator only caused the hidden code, which isn't a big deal.

@335alive - You could always try removing the tune, unplug the actuator, and see what happens. Either way, I would be curious as to what codes came up. I experienced this myself and did trial/error (mainly b/c I can't let things go until I get clarification and a full understanding of what happened and why).

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