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Originally Posted by x-ception
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I know you directed this at CN, but i can tell you from personal experience that they will not fit unless you remove the factory cats, there is just not enough room on the E92 exhaust.
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Ok, that's what I thought, just wanted to vet this with the pros here ! No worries - thanks for providing input Lulz...
Not true, I have 1790 installed on my stock e92 exhaust along with secondary cats.
Wow - thanks for sharing this! So how do you like the set up? I suppose as long as you put them in, you'll kill the rasp, or it DOES matter the placement? Btw, do you have DPs as well?

Like Lulz said, great work - who did you have this perform, your standard muffler shop like Midas or something? I asked a Midas like shop for a quote to replace the 2nd cats with the Vibrant - response was around 1 hr of work. Was this custom work?