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Exclamation This may help others... not to put more confusion in though

OK. So I was planning to do the DIY, but I just don't have time...

I bought all the ATF fluid, washers, along with other maintenance items I have been queuing, etc and brought it to a local indy BMW mech (sponsor here on e90post), and found out that my fluid needs 11S and not ATF fluid... WTF?

My cap says ATF fluid

My Indy Mechanic (who is a BMW trained mech):
The mechanic's analysis is that the cap is "wrong" based on two things:
1. His experience tells him that all the E90's he has dealt with in the Toronto area have a "green sticker saying 11S" that goes on top of the "ATF cap". Mine did not have the sticker, that is why I brought him a bottle of ATF fluid.

He also noted this his own two race cars, 2006 E90's are 11S for the power steering.

2. He also assured me that he took some fluid out to "look at it" and he says it is 11S "without a doubt". Based on years of use, the sticker could/would have "come off" of the cap.

Please mind you my conversation was over the phone.
I told him I would call him back to see if I can confirm with the dealership. I was hoping that just *maybe the dealer could confirm via the VIN or something.

1. They can not confirm the power steering fluid type my car via VIN#.
2. They did confirm that E90's do come in both 11S (about 90%) and ATF (about 10%) giving me a round number off his head.

My Indy Mechanic:
1. I called him back, and he reassures me that he is very confident that it requires 11S and not ATF.
2. I should trust him right? I made the call to have him flush it fully using OEM 11S fluid.

FINGERS CROSS I hope this does not damage my power steering system...

Did I just make a mistake? I am kind of worried now, but the mechanic has more experience than us on this forum right?

I found this thread which has good pictures showing the 11S sticker...
This makes me feel better!

I think the CAUTION I am trying to share with everyone... it is not as simple as looking at the power steering cap.

Be careful.

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