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Originally Posted by 48Laws View Post
Uh, a homeless person can't buy a soda without paying taxes. I don't think anyone wakes up in the morning looking for ways to make their lives worse. People are in circumstances and it is up to us all to insure we don't simply ignore these people. No one is getting a free check. Lol. I love that misconception. If any of you think depending on our beloved gov't is a desirable experience, remind yourself of how well your local DMV operates. You judge a nation by how well it treats it's children and animals. If a parent has no insurance , common sense says neither does their child. Moreover, there are plenty of people who contribute to society but need assistance. How many veterans are currently on welfare???? Get off your high horse, you're circumstances can change in an instant. Everything in life is temporary.
It's not a desirable existence. However it is becoming a viable class in America. In the very near future there will be generations that don't know any different. While we view it as undesirable, those that don't know much different may just start to desire that very existence. Especially when programs like this, like it or not, are effectively making a government supported lifestyle much easier to cope with.
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