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Originally Posted by benzy89 View Post
You know what the ironic thing is about this? ~15 yrs ago, if you were homeless or couldn't afford healthcare, the response was "get a job" or "do something to improve your living situation". Now, in sue-happy/over-protective 2012, we need to take care of everyone, love each other & protect the unicorns. I need to get off my high horse?? How about all these people draining from society? They need to get off their high horse, and if that means working at a gas station or McDonalds so they can pay their bills and do "their part" (because under the Liberal mentality, we're all in this together and should share the burdens together) and contribute to society by getting a job, paying their income & property taxes, any debts they have accrued & make something of themselves.
I love the idealistic approach you have for people who, ironically, are already working at McDonalds and gas stations trying to secure the American dream, or in non-dreamy terms...trying to survive. YOU CAN'T. You're funny. You erroneously equate getting a job, yes simple a job, with being enough in today's society to actually make headway. Hahah. Boy, are you a funny guy. The fact of the matter is, this country has been helping people for centuries (even under the guise of indentured servitude and slavery but, that's another discussion) since immigrants came over on a boat. The US Gov't has always extended her hand to those less fortunate and I bet you too, or someone in your family, has gotten assistance at some point. If you're doing ok in your life, why are you so bitter when others get help? Taxes? LOL. That cannot be the crux of your argument because taxes will not go anywhere, so I suggest you move.

Maybe it's just me, but I have way too much pride to ever allow myself to be dependent on food stamps or welfare checks. I don't care if that means I need to be knee deep in shit while working for Roto Rooter, I will do whatever the fuck it takes to legitimately be able to afford a decent, non-government dependent, life for me + my family.

Pride doesn't put food on the table and god forbid you lose your health, your hungry belly will forget what pride is and you'll take whatever help you can get. Pray you'll never need it.