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Originally Posted by benzy89 View Post
Pride doesn't put food on the table or keep a roof over my head, amd it also doesn't pay the $200k in student loans I'm paying right now (or my car payments, or my car insurance, or my credit car, or anything else). BUT I decided to take on student loans at a 12% interest rate from the Fed Govt. so I could set myself up for "life after college". And now, after deferring my loans for 4 months while they accrued interest, I have a job and am paying off all my debts/expenses without living outside my means. This usually means sacrificing a night out, new mods for my car or going to a Yankee game, but I suck it up b/c I realize the importance of paying off my student loans ASAP + not running my credit cards into the ground.
Yea, my life is pretty cushy & I got a decent education which helped me get a decent first job. But what actually got here is taking some fucking responsibility in my life, which is something society refuses to do. When shit gets tough, the new "natural response" is "OHH life is soo tough, the government & rich people should bail me out because they have so much & I have so little. Poor me"

Here's a novel idea, budget your finances responsibly. Regardless of where you work (McDonalds, Gas Station, Public Service Position), you'll be getting a paycheck. If people live beyond their means & don't budget their finances in a responsible way, they've brought that on themselves -- There are plenty of affordable living options, regardless of your income level.
The hilarity in your post is that you think you deserve an award for doing that. New flash: your story isn't novel. Many people fall into your category, yet life happens and they find themselves in need. But, your ranting doesn't really address the issue at hand, does it? You sound like an uninformed, bitter man upset Obama just got another victory. The health of a nation determines our strength or can define out weakness.