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Originally Posted by krhodes1 View Post
I find it hard to imagine that this is not a typo. Why would only the '12 e91 not have the valve? Unless is it a runout of parts or something. For sure my July '11 e91 had one, the hole in that thing was like a pinhole! Night and day difference in shifting.

Reminds me, my cars 1st birthday is Saturday! Unfortunately I am 1500 miles away for work, with a Jetta S(uck) 2.sl0 courtesy of Hertz!
Was yours RWD or xDrive? The information I'm finding implies that it's the xDrive wagon with low/mid-output engine that uses a "fake" CDV like the M3. I have my you I wonder if this is a data-entry error. But given that I am finding the same information in multiple places, perhaps there's some validity to it?

Of course I could verify all of this just by pulling out my CDV and examining it. But given that my car is brand new, I don't want to mess with it unless there's a real point to doing so. I usually don't mod my cars -- the CDV-delete and perhaps an SSK are the only drivetrain mods I'll ever consider.