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I think it looks great. Our cars can't give us the performance we'd like but if making it look sportier makes him happy, then why not?
It sure made me happy to get my BMWPE converted into duals.. I'm happy I didn't get all the heat for that since mine was done by extending a pipe through to the passengers side.

Why didn't I get bullseyed as much as he is now?
We're both aiming for the same thing... LOOKS! Who cares if it's fake!
Good job OP!!

Originally Posted by carlos916 View Post
Its not imposible to do quad or a dual set up with all that stuff back there .. Shoot this member did dual with a BMWPE!!!

Just ad two more tips and u git quad
Hey that's me!! I did this because I live in cold weather and getting fake tips would make it look real bad when in low temperatures.
Also, I wanted the air to come out evenly...