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Here are my thoughts on this whole matter:
- Thanks CollinsE90 for actually laying out the facts. My wife works for one of the big provider companies, so I know the facts, but most people don't, and it's become so completely politicized.
- It seems clear to me that the idea of a mandate (pay-in or you're on your own) would normally be supported by republicans, whereas the idea that the uninsured should receive free emergency room care would normally be supported by democrats, right? The fact that it's the other way around proves that it's completely anti-Obama. After all, republican governer Romney passed it in Massachusetts with backlash from healthcare companies, but little backlash from citizens.
- People need to realize this is not single-payer universal healthcare, which is unlikely to ever happen here. So it's more about eliminating the $100,000 costs of uninsured ER patients, than it is about providing full coverage for all.
- I took-on the role of hiring manager for my engineering dept during the recession (we were actually hiring during 2008-2010). The number of highly skilled career professionals in their 50's who were first-time unemployed was unreal. And these people were doing dozens and dozens of interviews. And yes, many of them stepped down to jobs at half the pay, but even those jobs were far and few between. Then there's all those who got cancer, got injured in an accident, had to pay for a special needs child, or were suddenly faced with the cost of a managed facility for their elderly parents. I can guarantee that most of you "self-sufficient" types will be faced with one or more of these situations in your lifetime, so get off your high horses.