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Originally Posted by Pseudo Nim View Post
Actually, that's a bit of a straw man argument. Nowhere did I condone quads from my viewpoint, I just rail more on fake quads than plumbed ones.

Honestly, I think you should've done nothing and left your car as it was. The reason being that, as I wrote upthread, I really like the way you modded the car otherwise (the matte grey looks sharp) and (if asked to) I would have trouble criticising it from any angle. What does it matter if it didn't have quads, real or fake? There have been plenty of beautiful cars which are "asymmetric" in their exhaust placement, and others which were symmetric but fugly.

It comes down to someone looking at the car going "nice exhaust" - and you have a choice of saying "nah it's fake, just looks" (bam, instant points down) or dodge the question. Why bother?
I see where you are coming from completely. The thing is, first of all, I could care less what other people think about my car. It is my car so I do what I want to it. Im not posing with badges or anything like that. Also, the fact that I did spend a good deal of money upgrading to an aftermarket exhaust system, the Magnaflow #16539 catback, and did not want to modify it for fear of the stories of losing low end torque and resale value, makes it more justifiable in my mind.