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Originally Posted by wisesoul View Post
If you are referring to the recent TS030 LMP1 Hybrid, they both were crashed out and retired. One of the crashes wasn't even the fault of the driver. It was right up the Audi's butt until the accidents happened. Sure the other car had mechanical issues, but it's been 13 years since toyota was in a 24 hr race. You need to give Toyota more credit, they know how to build race cars and great engines. But just like Honda, they choose not to and would rather build econo boxes. I'm looking forward to seeing Toyota unleash their motorsports side on this project.
Not doubting or being argumentive but toyota wouldn't have lasted long anyways, having mechanical failures that early in the race means they're pushing that engine to the edge.

Audi put it very well in their documentary. The cars have to be engineered to last 24 hours and not 23 hours or 22. Using starting grid lap times don't equate to good results overall.

You can call me a Toyota Hater if you guys want, our family owns a Toyota noah and I think its a piece of rubbish. Handles like a boat and only gets 400 to a tank.. Drove the ES for a bit, apart from the sound insulation it feels just like a camry. Nothing spectacular.

I will give credit where credits due and thats their FIFO system, management and its marketing team. ESPECIALLY their marketing team.

I'll give them credit when they make the next supra.