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Seems that some have strong views that I could be down on low end but some not!

Well regardless, I've decided I like the noise, and fearing maybe I'm just imagining the loss of power. I will change the air box back to compare at a later stage, but for now think I may build a heat shield.

Drove it today and I like the whoosh/ pshhhh ( I know some won't) but the bit I love is the rumble. It sounds like a v8 burbling at low revs. Difficult to describe but sounds great!

So, a heat shield. My initial thoughts were aluminium, but now I'm thinking 3-4mm plastic similar to the orig air box. Being new to this heat shield building thing anyone got any thoughts/ guidance. I'm thinking of putting the extra pipe ( using original pipe and cutting) from the centre vents at the front of the bonnet to vent air into the box at speed and putting a pipe from the front rhd fog to feed air direct from the bottom.

I figure two sides on the shield to protect from turbos and back, should suffice basically an upside down 'L' or a '7' but straighter, as you look from the front?