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This is all to save some $$$...BMW Group and Toyota Motor Company are two of the most profitable automotive brands in the world so to move forward with all their "green tech" they found a way to save even more costs. This is only a joint partnership of technologies. The same way BMW jointly developed the Tritec engine with Chrysler and the Prince engine with PSA Peugeot/Citroen. It's all about saving some dough but what caught me off guard is the BMW/Toyota sports car. I just can't see a BMW FT86 but who says it's going to be branded a BMW. It may be an i brand vehicle or a Mini and its Japanese counterpart may be the Toyota version. BMW wouldn't make a BMW/Lexus sports car ...they're smarter than that even though only Americans and Canadians would buy it since no one else in world seems to take Lexus serious.
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