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Originally Posted by hl0m4n View Post
i don't understand how you guys have 20k+ dps lol. im still at 8k on my monk and am having trouble with elite mobs in act 1 inferno.

maybe my build is off, any suggestions on monk specs?

having difficulty on my monk makes me miss my 50 wizard i left off in act 1 hell. anyone have a tank that can run me through and just pick up quests .

i wanna kite and shoot lazeers pew pew!!!

also you what i level is hell whimshire drop?

I'm watching Ted tonight, but I'll be one tomorrow night, farming up some Act 3 Inf on my Barb, mostly to gear up my Wizard, who is currently progressing in Act 1 Inf.
Add me, im Tasty#1324, I can tank pretty much anything for you. You should work on your DPS though, I can take a look at your spec if you want, though you would probably be better off taking a peek at the diablo 3 forums on battlenet and looking at a build there.

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