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So many fanboi quotes in this thread that aren't even worth acknowledging.

Originally Posted by mkoesel View Post
So I wonder if we are talking supercar, like an LF-A successor with BMW styling cues.

Or maybe Toyota wants their own Z2 or Z4 - something to replace the now departed MR2.
So for the second time, BMW will have to draw on another companies expertise to bring a supercar to the table.

Was kinda hoping one day they'd show they were capable of developing one all by their lonesome.

Originally Posted by BMWPower06 View Post
Everyone mentions "Toyota reliability" but fails to realize the communications systems in a Camry are completely different than anything found in a BMW. BMWs use fiber optic bus systems, which are faster, but also more expensive and less reliable. BMW has no issues with engine reliability, it is their electronics. Seeing as how Toyota doesn't have anywhere near the advanced electronics that BMW does, I doubt they will be able to improve reliability...
Just because BMW told all their customers that the HPFP issue didn't exist for several years doesn't mean that it wasn't true.

Originally Posted by ihc95 View Post
Wait what if BMW uses the engine from the LFA to power the M1 successor???
Not sure why Lexus would dilute the value/uniqueness of the LFA by sharing it's spectacular engine with BMW?

Originally Posted by Levi View Post
It is so sad to see what people drive BMW today, mostly badgewhores. Now it is Toyota that is leading in the sports segment. The GT86 is a lightweight sports car like BMW has never built since the M3 E30, and the Lexus LFA is the only car worthy to be compared to the McLaren F1, and far better than the M1 E26. BMW M has betrayed its heritage by going FI, but Toyota has just brought out the new GT86 with a NA engine and no BMW M engine is as "M" as the V10 of the LFA.

Think that BMW/Toyota sportscars would be like :
- more powerful GT86
- more affordable LFA
- more true sportscars from BMW (one M3 is not enough)

Hybrid really is the near futur technology. Just look at the 918 Spyder. i8 is not a true sportscar. Also hybrid tech permits sportscars to keep their high revving naturally aspirated engines, instead of going forced induction and losing character and emotion like the McLaren MP4-12C or M5/M6 F1X. Just think of some FMR sportscar with the NA V10 and electric engines at the rear axle ? No more "lacking" torque, right weight distribution better fuel economy.
Stop making sense. You can't talk positively about other marques on a BMW forum don't you know?