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Originally Posted by wish1
You are referring to the 195 and 196 wheels. Those are both optional styles. I love the 195s and will get them when my car arrives but they are way expensive at $3550 wheels and tires. Circle BMW in NJ will discount them 20%. I am thinking I may swap out the tires and buy only the 195 rims. If so I will offer the 162 rims only for sale. Do you think they would be less marketable that way?
Maybe only slightly less marketable but I think if the price is right the 162 wheels will sell thesmevles easily!

But seriously, for the crazy high prices of the OE wheels, have you considered aftermarket wheels? There's tons more selection and personally I think it's easy to find something better looking than the stock wheel selection. Also consider that OE wheels will drop in price like crazy because everybody runs around with them, but aftermarket wheels will keep their value better in the long run and you'll get back a ton more for them once you decide to sell them. Just my 2 cents