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Originally Posted by VMRWheels View Post
Rubbing is normal on this spot on most cars. It's annoying because the qtr panel is super strong and stiff compared to the front fenders. What a lot of people do is relocate the bumper screw/tab and move it further back so when they pull their fender, they can match the bumper so it doesn't look tweaked.

OP: I would cut only in the areas that you need to. If you're rubbing, look under the wheel wells where you can see noticeable 'blank rubbed off' spots. Use a box cutter to cut out those spots so the tire has room to jump in. I wouldn't remove the entire liner unless you really needed to. Dirt, debris, rain etc. will get caught up in there and get into areas of your car you don't want it to get. Cutting out only the necessary small spots minimizes this. Try not to leave flimsy flaps in there either. During the hot seasons, it might get heated up and start to sag then rub onto the tire. Happened to me and I regret removing the entire liner.

im having this issue anyone have pics??