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Originally Posted by StylinE92 View Post
Got mine and installed them, they look great and no errors. They are slightly brighter then a 10 watt set I got from another vendor for much more. I was going to order a so called 20 watt set from another vendor only to find out they are a 10 watt as well, advertised as "20 watts" if you add the left and right angel eyes power together. Nice to know some venders here are not scammers.

Thanks Jeff@TGS you're the man!
Right, I'm confused. These are 12 watts TOTAL, or each? Another set I've seen here is advertised as 20 watts total, so if these are 12 watts total (6 watts X 2, right?), then how can they be brighter than the 20's that are 10 watts each? That's a big difference.