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Originally Posted by Game View Post
After physically sorting through about 5-6 different samples of carbon fiber wraps, decided to go with something different.

What is it?
3m Scotchprint 1080 Gloss Anthracite

Where I bought it?
Metro-restyling's ebay store

How much did you use?
I bought two rolls of 60x12

How much did you pay?
In total I believe it was a tad under $45 shipped

Was it easy?
Well it definitely takes some time getting used to and even then it's tough to get it 100%, but I'm happy with the way it came out. This was my first time wrapping, however I do a lot of DIY stuff with the car.

I personally like it much better than the wood, way sportier. Pictures don't quite show how much metallic flake the vinyl has. It really sparkles in the sunlight. It even looks space gray in same angles.

Thanks for the tips. I just ordered a couple rolls of brushed steel from them myself