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While some might say that this is a good thing I have some reservations. Lots of talk going on here that is philosophical in nature but not practical. Here is my early take on the possible practical implications both good and bad:


Due to a government provided option, private insurance now no longer monopolizes this sector. Insurance had long ago spun out of control and costs became far too high, this may drive the market down.

Mandates that those who have taken advantage of the current system now pay into it, at least a bit. Right now if an uninsured man is wheeled into an hospital after being hit by a bus, he will still be treated. Your tax dollars would still have paid for him to recover one way or another. Under the new system he will have had to at least pay into it in some form. Unless he is here illegally which is a new topic altogether.


America has historically thrived via cost competition and individual ingenuity, this system undermines those ideals to an extent. Many of the great innovations and discoveries throughout our history were due to these and we are moving farther from them as a whole. There is a reason America has flourished while many socialist based countries have crumbled, like it or not capitalism gets shit done.

The new system may curb the desire for those in the medical field to open private practices. This is a huge draw for Doctors, profit wise, that may soon be an extinct option. With that option gone and the price of education only rising and malpractice lawsuits spiraling out of control it may become a MUCH less desirable field to work in. Between college costs, time in college, mandatory unpaid residencies and the rising price of malpractice insurance....where is the initiative for people to enter this field? In my opinion you want to attract the best and brightest to a field like medicine, this is less likely to happen now. Many other countries have seen a decrease in the quality of care provided once initiating a system like this, the richest often look outside their borders to places like the US where world renowned Doctors choose to reside for profit.

There are many more practical pros and cons I could point out (I have an in depth write-up that covers much, much more) but these are near the forefront of my list. I also believe there have been plans out there better suited to tackling the issue, I do not however feel this is the worst option, the implementation will show us quite a bit in the end.