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Originally Posted by jakuum View Post
Took my car in on Friday for the same issue. Looks like they are going to replace the lifters (not sure about the rockers though). Hopefully that'll fix it and the cylinder head won't need to be replaced as well. Makes me quite glad I paid the bit extra for CPO .
Originally Posted by martinlag View Post
I had my lifters changed last year and just got the rockers changed yesterday. So far so good. SA told me that if it ticks again, out comes the head. Let's see what happens.
If you need the cylinder head replaced as I did, my SA said it was not something that is a huge project. Pop out the old and put in the new. I have had zero problems with the lifter noise since it was completed over a year ago. Also, there have been zero problems with any other issues from the new head. The result is just fine, my E92 N52 runs perfect. Good luck going forward....
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