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Originally Posted by DUI Elite View Post
Whats the part number for the OEM battery only?

I am having delayed starting as well. It happened in the past but its becoming more frequent nowadays. Still on the original battery from 2005.
My BMW parts department told me that there are 3 batteries listed for my E91 priced $179-$269 before the CCA discount and they are all in stock. The one currently in the car is a BMW branded Exide battery PN 61217586962 (I just checked). It looks like a squeeze back there, so I'm not surprised if some non-BMW branded batteries will not fit.

If your battery is 7 years old, congratulations! But I'd probably go ahead and replace it, because when a battery fails completely it's usually at exactly the wrong time in exactly the wrong place.

I don't think the Euro car engineers have come to terms with the possibility that a typical household in their US buyer demographic may have 5 cars and they may not be driven every day. As others have said, if I wanted to plug my cars into a wall outlet every day, I would have bought a Nissan Leaf.

Interesting that on the Japanese cars the batteries are no big deal. They fail like clockwork every 4 years, there are four 10mm nuts to undo (no 7-page DIYs on changing the battery on the Toyota board!), the dealers keep them in stock and the whole escapade takes about an hour of time, total, and costs about $100. It's not rocket science except on a German car.

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