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Originally Posted by mashimarho View Post
N55? What does this update do?
7/1 Firmware Before updating firmware ensure N55 is selected under user settings to avoid JB4 defaulting to the wrong N54 tuning defaults.

1) Improved boost targeting logic. 2) Implemented a BETA autolearning map 5. Currently suitable for pump and race gas, including E85 mixes of 20% or less. For higher E85 mixes see item #4 3) Corrected bug with air intake temperature not showing in logs. 4) This firmware is the first firmware that will support the optional E85 fueling wires, which are required for those running E85 fueling mixes of greater than 20% without methanol. You may run this firmware without the wires but do not run stronger E85 mixes until the wires are installed. 5) Revised methanol map 3 for stronger low end performance and a more seamless transition from no meth flow to full meth flow. 6) If updating from some older firmwares you may need to remove keys, lock doors, and wait 5 min, for DME to reset. If logging RPM goes wacky in log, etc, post update follow this procedure.