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Originally Posted by hl0m4n View Post
i don't understand how you guys have 20k+ dps lol. im still at 8k on my monk and am having trouble with elite mobs in act 1 inferno.

maybe my build is off, any suggestions on monk specs?

having difficulty on my monk makes me miss my 50 wizard i left off in act 1 hell. anyone have a tank that can run me through and just pick up quests .

i wanna kite and shoot lazeers pew pew!!!

also you what i level is hell whimshire drop?
I'll run you though with my Wizard, no need to tank with 90K dps and Archon form Add me to your friends list, Syndicate#2743

It's also all gearing for DPS (disregard DH DPS numbers, their Sharpshoot skill over inflates that number). 8K does seem rather low. Make sure all your items have high dex, vit, crit %, and crit damage (some IAS is good). Two 700-800+ dps 1H will work wonders, or a 1000+K dps 2H. Monks are all about stacking Dex and Crit %, this will do 2 things. #1 Add tons of DPS #2 It will also give you a huge Dodge bonus with the right skills. Combine this with a Life on Hit weapon, you should be unstoppable.

Meet me online tonight, I'll run you though and help you out with gearing issues. Farm Act 1 Inferno till your eyes bleed to gear up higher.
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