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How about the penalty provisions for employers not providing "suitable" healthcare coverage to employees? That is one of the most overlooked sections, and the one that has the potential for the greatest impact.

The penalty for an employer is about $2,000. A year! That's only a tiny fraction of the cost of providing coverage. Why does this matter to you?

Because it creates a disincentive to provide coverage through your employer since staff will still be able to get "coverage" through the exchanges. Great right? Not at all. First, many docs are planning to drop Medicare and Medicaid patients so they don't have to see this group.

Even besides this this will kill, I mean absolutely destroy, the private market health insurance market as patients flow out of that system and into the Obamacare coverage. In addition to crushing the current provider network the growth of that network will also slow dramatically due to all the reasons stated above, compounded by the sudden shift in the entire payer mix for a physician group to, essentially, Medicaid rates or less under the Obamacare program. This will drive many, many of the doctors, nurses and other practitioners out of the system over a very short time frame (say, 10 years) and also curtail the funds available for campus growth by hospitals, equipment research, drugs, etc.

I'm too tired and pissed about this whole ridiculous affair to type any more, but make no mistake; in addition to an assault on the tax system and basic rights of individuals, this bullshit will destroy the level of healthcare services we all have come to expect and enjoy.
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