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Originally Posted by 128vertinnoho View Post
No, it shouldn't because it is not accurate. But if you want your thread filled with inaccuracies about the law, have at it. We've tried to educate you, but to no avail.
when? Point out where im wrong about it making economic sense to get emloyees down to 49 if possible or any other point ive made. Let me point out that to many people all around the US, this bill will be the most painful thing to have ever happened to us, in some cases pushing businesses that are already hurting from the recession out of business (re: more employees out of work looking for work where there are less jobs to fill). If a business has the option to pay the opt out (assuming they cant get below 50 employees) they will, thus leading to what george posted. If you can point out where myself and my accountant, and george are wrong here i would love to hear, otherwise take a hike. Its my job to plan for the future to secure my income and that of my employees income (and jobs). Securing it means educating myself on what precautions must be taken exactly, not possibly, not maybe things will work out better, exactly for every occasion i can.